TAYMAN ELECTRICAL LLC Radio Solutions for classic, antique, and collector vehicles (1930’s - 1970’s)
Phone: 941-371-8924 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 Eastern Time -- If no answer leave message E-MAIL ANYTIME: radio@garytayman.com
You want modern sound in your collector car. Do you chop the dash? Jam a cheap stereo in the glove compartment? Fork over big bucks for a poorly built imitation radio? There’s a MUCH better way! We offer REAL solutions that look and sound great!
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What We Offer:
We can convert your original radio to modern AM/FM Stereo! Radio LOOKS and FEELS original, yet provides modern-day performance and features. We Are The Original Dealer For Aurora Design Products!
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New Stereos That Look Great In The Dash!
Missing radio? On a budget? Looking for features such as RDS display or iPod control? Check out these products. Order online!
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Secretaudio -- Totally Hidden Stereo!
You can install a full-featured stereo without touching the dash at all! Order Online!
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Speakers And Enclosures!
Most vintage cars and trucks simply were not designed for modern stereos! Custom Autosound offers innovative speakers, panels, and amplified systems that work great with ANY stereo you choose!


You’re not alone. You shouldn’t need an electronics degree to properly install a car stereo system! We wrote a page describing the basics of speakers and power, to help you better plan a great sounding stereo system for your vehicle. Click Here!
Hidden Stereos Stereo Conversions New Dash Stereos Speakers & Enclosures Our History Shipping Address Hidden Stereos
NEWS! May 27, 2020:
New Address! 5077 Fruitville Road, Suite 109102, Sarasota, Florida 34232. Recent Delays: We’re working around the clock to ensure radios are converted on a timely basis. Our typical turnaround is around two weeks for most sets. But we’re facing issues that make it hard to guarantee this. For starters, the mail in the Detroit area has been slow, and we’re having trouble getting PCB’s. We’ve ordered extra to stay ahead of things, but we still have hit occasional snags. Remember, those who follow the instructions on the Shipping Address page get taken care of faster. Missing information means delays. Online orders from Custom Autosound -- their staff of about 50 has dwindled to 4, and they say that it’s taking up to 2 weeks to process orders. That being said, speaker orders have gone out quickly, and USA Stereo orders have gone out faster than promised. BUT -- please allow time, as they are indeed backlogged and we can’t tell you exactly when. We’re doing our best from this end; patience pays!
NEW!  Garage Sale -- Check out our special bargains! NEW!  Garage Sale -- Check out our special bargains!