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You own a classic vehicle.  You've put lots of time and money into it, and you're ready for that finishing touch -- a nice sound system.  After all that meticulous effort, do you:


Why settle for less when you can have a stereo that LOOKS GREAT, SOUNDS GREAT, and includes all the modern features you want?  If you want to keep the original appearance we can upgrade the components in your radio to make it a modern AM/FM stereo, using modern circuitry designed and built by automotive engineers in Detroit.  We can even add Bluetooth and USB capability!  If you prefer the convenience of digital display, seek/scan, and other features, Custom Autosound's new products are worth a look.  Their new stereos are a far cry from what they offered just a few years ago, and offer fully-featured quality stereos designed to fit and look great in the original dash.  If you're on a budget, these stereos start at just $159.

Of course we also carry innovative speakers designed to fit in older cars which simply weren't made for stereos.

Whether you're ready to buy, or simply looking at ideas, feel free to look around.  Let us know if you have questions -- we'll answer them as best we can.


NEWS -- October 30, 2014:

Turnaround for conversions:  We are continually asked about this.  Currently it's just a few days for most, but as the weather gets colder up north, the radios arrive here in droves.  Even during the busy times we're generally able to turn sets around in about 2-4 weeks, with basic pushbutton radios being the fastest and difficult sets taking longer.  However YOU can help, by simply following instructions on the shipping page.  Those who do it properly, making it easier for us, will be rewarded by moving to the front of the line.  Sets with incomplete information will be set aside until we get what we need to do the radio.  It's as simple as that!

Online ordering:  One of the many things we need to do is update our web page for online orders.  The current page is acting up -- yes we know.  A new site is under construction but not finished -- Click here for a peek, and if you see the product you need you may order.  Of course you may call us if you prefer.


Aurora Automotive

Upgrade your radio with the FMR-1 Stereo Receiver by Aurora Design

We are the premier dealer for Aurora Design products!

Send us YOUR radio and we'll make it into a stereo!  It looks like your original radio because it IS your original radio, upgraded with modern components to receive AM/FM Stereo!  Listen to your favorite station, or listen to your OWN music using the audio input jack (included) or the optional USB port or fully-integrated Bluetooth Module.


Aurora Design has revolutionized the industry with its products.  After working with them for about two years we are as excited as ever -- their products are FANTASTIC!  CLICK HERE for a short history of how these products came about.



Custom Autosound USA StereoUSA Concours Series In-Dash Stereos

Custom Autosound

These stereos are fully-featured and look great in the dash!  From basic to elaborate, Custom Autosound has a complete line of stereos to fit you your needs.


SecretaudioSecretaudio -- Remote-Controlled Hidden Stereo


For that street rod or custom, or basically any vehicle with no radio at all, these are COMPLETELY HIDDEN stereos with wireless remotes.





Dual Voice Coil SpeakerKick Panel SpeakersUndercover Stealth SpeakersStereo 6x9 Speakers

Several fantastic options to choose from!

MOSFET Vibrators by IECORP:  Need a vibrator for your original radio?  IECORP offers a new MOSFET design.  Expected to outlast the original mechanical type many times over, these vibrators also have a clean output -- no need to replace the buffer, it can be removed entirely.  Note that ANY type of vibrator can be replaced.  Click here for a look.

Radio Parts and Accessories!


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Tayman Electrical 1924  History Of Tayman Electrical  Started around 1915 in Washington, DC as a side business wiring houses for electricity, William E. Tayman opened a store to sell electrical appliances.  When radio came out he began selling Atwater Kent, Silver Marshall, and Crosley sets.  Two generations later and 1,000 miles further south, grandson Gary Tayman now specializes in vintage car radios and custom stereos for classic vehicles.

Links  Cool Links  Links to favorite car- and radio-related web sites.

Atwater Kent Radio  Personal Antique Radio Collection  Gary Tayman has collected many vintage home radios over the years.  While some are still future projects, many are totally rebuilt and are used daily!  One cannot deny that the carved-wood art-deco styling, coupled with the warm glow of the tubes, provides a certain charm that simply cannot be duplicated by any of their modern counterparts.

Radios  Sarasota Radio Meet  A local swap meet where old radios and parts are bought and sold.

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