Questions?  Contact us:
Phone:  941-371-8924 Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00 Eastern time  No answer?  Leave message, we'll return but PLEASE state your phone number clearly.
Shipping Instructions:

The best way to avoid delays is to follow instructions!  Really!

First:  we need information!

The easy way:  CLICK HERE for a form; print it and fill it out.  Bada bing.

Or, your own note:  We need:

  • Name, Address, Phone:  So we can ship it back.

  • E-mail Address:  Helpful if you want UPS tracking.

  • Why you sent the radio:  We get plenty of radios sent with just a business card, or a note that says "Do your stuff" or "We talked on the phone."  We get lots of phone calls, and we do radios by the thousands.  Do you want Bluetooth?  Is the car still 6 volts?  Write it down so there's no question!

  • Form of payment:  We need a check, or credit information, up front.  Without it, the radio sits here till we get it.

  •  If you prefer to call us with credit information that's fine.  If WE have to call, when we're busy it could take awhile!

Providing this information is key to fast turnaround.  Radios with missing information are set aside until we have what we need to continue.

Second:  use common sense when packing the radio!  Why do it wrong when it is so easy to do it right?  Trust me, your valuable radio will be kicked and tossed around, then it will fall off the truck.  Not a problem if you pack it right!  UPS has detailed instructions for how to pack for shipping.  So do the other carriers.  Here's the "Short" version:

WRONG!                RIGHT!  

Box hits the concrete -- SPLAT!  The set on the left?  Radio hits box, shafts get bent up, time to cry.  The set on the right is protected and is just fine.  Note that the set on the left didn't touch the floor, it smacked the BOX!  The key is to keep it away from the cardboard.

Proper packing is easy!  Rule 1 is to use a box that gives you at least TWO INCHES on every side, including top and bottom.  If the box doesn't provide this space, use another box -- it's easier to find than another radio.  DON'T USE A USPS Medium Flat Rate box!!!!  Too Small!  TOO SMALL!  For the average 1960's radio we use a 12x12x12 box, usually angled upwards so as to provide maximum space.  Big sets 14x14x14, long sets 20x12x12.

Rule 2:  Use plenty of packing.  Shake the box; if the set moves around inside, add more packing. 

Double-box?  Uh, more cardboard for it to smack?  Seriously, we've seen double-and even triple-boxed radios damaged, as the inside box usually looks like that left drawing.

Insurance?  Sure, it's a good idea, but not for that set on the left.  First thing they want to see is the box.  Packed like THAT?  Claim denied.

These people ignored the instructions:

The T-Bird on the left needed a tuning shaft made at a machine shop ($50).  The other two were total losses.

Radios packed properly, with clear instructions, will get priority treatment and will be taken care of faster!

Our shipping address is:

Tayman Electrical

4411 Bee Ridge Road PMB #618

Sarasota, Florida 34233