NEW!  Aurora FMR-1 AM/FM Stereo Conversion

For Original Antique Vehicle Radios

 Convert your original radio into a custom-built AM/FM stereo!

     Aurora Stereo Conversion 

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FMR-1 Stereo


Aurora Design  THIS IS IT -- the revolution -- the Stereo heard 'round the world!
This is NOT some imitation "repro" set that tries to look correct but doesn't live up to the task.  You send us YOUR radio.  We use YOUR tuner, YOUR dial scale and YOUR controls.  Your original radio is disassembled and cleaned, then the old components are replaced with a modern circuit board that contains an AM/FM Stereo.  When reinstalled, the radio LOOKS and FEELS original, but now offers modern-day AM/FM Stereo.
Designed and built in Detroit by Automotive Engineers, the Aurora FMR-1 Stereo Receiver PCB is made specifically for retrofitting an original car radio.  Built to OEM standards, performance and reliability is unequalled.
Want more than just AM and FM?  EVERY conversion includes an audio input jack for playing an accessory of your choice -- an MP3 player, portable CD, satellite receiver, or other device.  Still not enough?  Optionally you can have a USB Adapter which allows you to play music directly from a flash drive.  Bluetooth is also available -- with Voice Command technology.  Make use of those fancy functions on your cell phone WITHOUT TOUCHING THE PHONE!  Just say "Call home" for hands-free calling.  Say "Play John Fogerty" and it does.  Ask it for the nearest gas station and it navigates you there.  Your cell phone is amazing enough; imagine doing all this with your vintage car's AM radio!
I know what you're about to ask -- how do you change from FM to AM?  Original AM/FM radios operate normally, but an AM set switches bands when you turn it off and immediately back on.  Balance/fader functions are also available.  The stereo includes a Loudness function which can be switched on or off.  We don't have room to describe all the features this set has!
A note about LED indicators:  The PCB inside the radio has a tiny LED which is used for setup and diagnostics.  Aurora offers provision for a dial-mounted LED, but we do not install them for the simple reason it would compromise the original look of the radio.  In normal use it does nothing to enhance performance, so we keep them off so as to protect the original appearance.
Instruction Manual And Specifications (PDF Format)
NOTE:  Depending on manufacture date, your PCB may not have every option described in this manual.
Accessory Manuals:
BT-1 Bluetooth
USB-1 USB/MP3 Adapter
BTU-1 Bluetooth AND USB
AAR conversions:  we no longer support them, but customers are still asking:  Instructions for AAR Conversions

FMR-1 Accessories:

BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter:  Bluetooth Adapter  Bluetooth  This is a FULLY INTEGRATED, FCC CERTIFIED module that works seamlessly with the FMR-1 Stereo.  Voice Command lets you make hands-free calls, select music, or even get navigation without ever touching your phone or taking your eyes off the road!

USB-1 USB/MP3 Adapter:  USB-1  Play music from your flash drive right through your new car stereo!  Use your radio's controls to pause/play, next/previous, oe sequential/random.  Just like the BT-1, this is designed to work seamlessly with the FMR-1 Stereo.

BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB Module:  BTU-1  Offers Bluetooth AND USB with all the features listed above, at a lower price than purchasing both separately.

Line Outputs:  This low-cost option allows post-balance/fader, fully buffered connections to external amps.  This option provides 4 channels plus a mono subwoofer output.

 Shipping Instructions Click Here!

Prices:  The following prices apply to cars with 12 volt, negative ground electrical systems.  If your 6 volt car has been converted to 12, these prices apply.  if the vehicle still uses 6 volts and/or positive ground, a voltage booster must be added which adds $100 to the price.

PUSHBUTTON RADIOS:  For the vast majority of vehicles, stop right here.  This applies to any manual-tune or pushbutton radio, Rotomatics, and most any set that is not a signal-seeker type.

ALL-Transistor American AM-only radios (typically 1963 and later):  $385

All the rest:  $400

Exceptions:  1946-48 Cadillac, 1946-48 Lincoln:  $450.  European sets, including Blaupunkt, Becker, and Radiomobile:  $420.  Prewar sets:  Please call.  Since these sets require more labor, please allow extra time.

Note that many American imports such as Volkswagen, Triumph, Alfa-Romeo, and Volvo have American-made radios.  American prices also apply to most Japanese sets.

Radios we will not convert:  Tape players, Trans-Portables, CB radios, aftermarket stereos including repro sets, digital display sets, prewar sets with elaborate tuning.

SIGNAL SEEKER RADIOS:  Trademarked "Wonder Bar", "Town & Country", "Electro-Touch", Travel-Tune", or "Search-Tune", depressing a button or bar will cause the motorized tuner to search for radio stations.

Delco all-tube sets (GM, Packard, Studebaker):  $495

Delco hybrid or transistor (no vibrator) (GM, Packard, Studebaker):  $445

Mopar 1955-56:  $495

Mopar 1957 & later:  $445

Ford, Thunderbird, Edsel, Mercury (except 1956 Mercury):  $445

Lincoln/Mercury 1956, Continental Mark II 1956-57:  $545*  (Allow extra time for turnaround)

Lincoln all others:  $495  (Allow extra time for turnaround)

European sets -- Blaupunkt, Becker:  $495  (Allow extra time for turnaround)

*  Certain 1956-7 Lincolns, Mercurys, and Continentals used a Bendix "Travel-Tuner" design that incorporates a special synchronous motor.  For years many were told a conversion cannot be done with this tuner.  This video proves otherwise:


BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter:  Provides wireless connection from your smart phone.  Includes microphone for hands-free phone conversation.  $180

USB-1 USB/MP3 Adapter:  Play music/talking books/podcasts directly from your flash drive.  $100

BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB With Voice Command:  Provides Bluetooth and USB in one module with new features.  $230

Line Outputs:  Offers four post-fader line outputs for external amp and one mono subwoofer line output.  $15

Additional costs:  We try not to surprise anyone with additional costs, but there are a couple that cannot be avoided.  Florida sales are subject to 7% sales tax.  Return shipping is flat $20 for 48 states.  Please follow instructions for packing -- shipping damage may incur additional costs; this is preventable by following instructions.

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For additional questions or information, please call 941-371-8924 or e-mail at


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