NEW!  Aurora FMR-1 AM/FM Stereo Conversion

For Original Antique Vehicle Radios

 Convert your original radio into a custom-built AM/FM stereo!

Aurora Stereo Conversion 

FMR-1 Stereo

Click on the photo above to view a quick video describing the new Aurora FMR-1.

Aurora Design  THIS IS IT -- the Stereo Receiver that has the competition running for cover!  Beware; stereo conversions are NOT all the same.  Our frustration with the other products has led us to Detroit, and a completely new design -- so superior that the other guys have been scrambling ever since to catch up!  From the very first prototype (installed in MY Thunderbird), the FMR-1 has EXCEEDED our expectations for performance.
For you it means enjoying your stereo vs. putting up with it.  If you've experienced the other conversions you know what we mean.  The tuning is rock-solid digital, yet it has the easy-to-tune "feel" of an analog radio.  No back-and-forth fidgeting with the controls to get the station you want -- presets and search-tune designs will land dead-on every time with no overshoot.  No constant drift that forces you keep re-tuning it.  No surprise bugs and idiosyncrasies to make you second-guess if the radio was worth the investment.  And no smoke if you accidentally touch a wire to the wrong place -- the PCB is fully protected against any such abuse you care to give it.
On top of that, the FMR-1 is designed for compatibility with virtually every vintage radio that's out there.  Capacitance tuning, grounded-wiper controls, synchronous search-tune motors -- they all work flawlessly without the need for sticky-tape or bailing-wire modifications to the components.  An FMR-1 conversion is a PROFESSIONAL conversion!
Compared with expensive so-called "reproduction radios" that look original (except for missing logos), the FMR-1 conversion utilizes the ORIGINAL controls and mechanisms to FIT right, LOOK right, and FEEL right when reinstalled in your dash.  The tuning knob remains a real tuning knob; the pushbuttons set and operate as original.  Search-tune mechanisms operate just as before, and work with FM as well as AM.  Your original controls work exactly as before.*
*Two exceptions:  if your radio has a tone SWITCH instead of a continuous control, the switch will enable you to adjust tone with the volume control allowing full adjustment.  If the radio's fader control is defective, it will not be utilized.  You CAN adjust balance and fader using a different method.
Did we mention Detroit?  Indeed, these PCB's are designed and built by automotive engineers to automotive standards -- tested under high voltages, in ovens, etc., essentially all the rigors and abuse that your modern car has to deal with on an everyday basis.  Best of all, you have the assurance that your radio upgrade came from the same plants that build OEM components for new American cars!
A Stereo Conversion is just that -- your car's original radio is upgraded with modern circuitry to receive FM, AM, and music from an input device.  It offers full stereo, 45 watts per speaker up to 4 speakers.  If you want more power, line outputs are available so you can add amps if you wish -- 4 outputs plus a subwoofer.  Of course many older vehicles don't have provisions for four speakers, and you're not about to cut up the interior to accommodate them.  This stereo is just as happy with two speakers as it is four, and you can even use a single speaker (mono) if that's all your car allows.  This stereo senses your speaker arrangement at power-up, and configures itself to match it!
Input mode is selected simply by moving the tuning dial to the far left -- set a pushbutton if you wish.  Power cycling between AM and FM.  Balance and fader can be adjusted using the tone control.  Naturally, radios with AM/FM switch or compatible balance/fader controls will operate normally.
A note about LED indicators:  there is a PCB-mounted LED which is used for setup and troubleshooting.  An additional dial-mounted LED is offered by Aurora, in response to customers who are used to such indicators in older conversions.  However we feel this detracts from the original appearance of the radio, does nothing to enhance the performance, and is extremely difficult to install professionally on many models.  In the interest of originality we do NOT install these indicators.
Instruction Manual And Specifications (PDF Format)
Back by demand!  Instructions for AAR Conversions

FMR-1 Accessories:

BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter:  Bluetooth Adapter  Bluetooth  This is NOT a cheapie makeshift cigarette-lighter plug with dangling wires!  Mounted inside the radio, it is a FULLY CERTIFIED, FCC Licensed professional module built to automotive standards and designed to operate seamlessly with the FMR-1 Stereo.  Just select the music on your phone, and you'll hear it on the stereo!  You can also take and receive phone calls, and best of all it's completely invisible!*

*With the exception of the included optional microphone, which can be mounted anywhere.  Suggested location is to route the wire inside the A pillar and mount it near the sun visor.

USB-1 USB/MP3 Adapter:  USB-1  Play music from your flash drive right through your new car stereo!  Use your radio's controls to pause/play, next/previous, oe sequential/random.  Just like the BT-1, this is designed to work seamlessly with the FMR-1 Stereo.

Line Outputs:  This low-cost option allows post-balance/fader, fully buffered connections to external amps.  This option provides 4 channels plus a mono subwoofer output.

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Prices:  We try to make the pricing uncomplicated -- but radios, and the ability to service them, vary all over the place.  Please read all notes below.  Specifically, if your vehicle does not have 12 volts negative ground available, you'll need a voltage booster.  If your Wonderbar/Town & Country radio is a 1958 or earlier, it may require additional hardware.

FMR-1 Stereo Conversion price:

All-transistor American AM radios, manual or pushbutton (typically 1963 and later):  $385

Tube/hybrid maunal/pushbutton/Rotomatic radios, AM/FM sets, early AM/FM Stereo (except 46-48 Lincoln as described below):  $400

Foreign-made sets (Blaupunkt, Becker, Radiomobile, etc.):  $420

(NOTE:  many American import cars were fitted with American-made radios.  Example, Volkswagens, Volvos, Triumphs, and Alfa-Romeos sold in the US have either Motorola or Bendix radios, and the US price applies)

Wonderbar, Town & Country, and other signal seeker sets -- MOST models:  $445.  See notations below.

  • Selector Bar, Wonderbar sets for Cadillac, Buick 1950-1958 (except 57-58 Eldorado transistor), 1951-57 Other GM, Studebaker, Packard, 1955-56 Mopar Electro-Touch:  $495

  • LINCOLN Radios:  what were they thinking when they designed these?  1946-48, 1958-60, 1965 and later AM/FM: Add $50.  1956 Lincoln & Mercury Town & Country, 1956-57 Mark II:  $545.  The GOOD news:  we can now convert the Continental Mark II's and other 1956 Lincolns/Mercurys using the original synchronous motor.  Here's a short video that proves it:

  • Lincoln Mark II

If your vehicle has a 6 volt electrical system, or a 12 volt positive ground, a Voltage Booster is required to provide the correct 12 volts, negative ground for the stereo.  HPC Power Booster:  $100.


BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter:  Provides wireless connection from your smart phone.  Includes microphone for hands-free phone conversation.  $180

USB-1 USB/MP3 Adapter:  Play music/talking books/podcasts directly from your flash drive.  $100

Line Outputs:  Offers four post-fader line outputs for external amp and one mono subwoofer line output.  $15

Additional costs:  We try not to surprise anyone with additional costs, but there are a couple that cannot be avoided.  Florida sales are subject to 7% sales tax.  Return shipping is flat $20 for 48 states.  Please follow instructions for packing -- shipping damage may incur additional costs; this is preventable by following instructions.

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For additional questions or information, please call 941-371-8924 or e-mail at


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